Zucht...ze krijgen er nooit genoeg van bij Eidos (zoals iedereen al voorspeld had). Er gaan geruchten dat er toch nog een vervolg komt op tomb raider, de volgende zal gebasseerd zijn op de film (tomb raider: The movie)The online gaming publication of GameFan is reporting that a brand-new Tomb Raider game, entitled Tomb Raider: The Movie, will hit retailers just in time for Christmas. The game's set to follow the story of the upcoming Paramount Pictures film, which is currently being helmed by Simon West (The General's Daughter, Con Air), and will be released for both the PC and home console systems. GA-Source has also been in touch with Eidos, and has learned that the movie isn't scheduled to be released until the summer of 2001. So it's looking unlikely that the game will be making a Christmas 2000 release as stated above