Blijkbaar is het, ondanks dat Sony hier 'fel tegen is', mogelijk om gekopieerde spellen op PS2 te spelen. Echter gaan er geruchten rond dat Sony de PS2 'extra hackable' heeft gemaakt zodat je juist gekopieerde spellen erop kan spelen. Dit was namelijk duidelijk het grote voordeel voor veel gamers van de PSX, dat je gekopieerde spellen erop kon spelen. Het ging zelfs verder, in sommige landen (zoals Hongkong) kon je alleen maar gekopieerde spellen krijgen "NCS partners in Asia have sent a sample of a new decode chip for the PS2 that allows the use of PS2 "back-ups" when patched with ISO fixes. NCS has tested the chip for evaluation purposes and have found it to work. The chip is a standard Microchip 16c54 pic, exactly the same micro-controller that was used in the original Playstation mod many moons ago. The code for the new chip is a mere 8 lines of instructions." NCS goes on to suggest that Sony may deliberately be leaving security holes in its hardware in order to boost hardware sales and have a larger installed PS2 base throughout the world. There's no word yet on how or when the MOD will be available, but keep in mind that the only legal use for this chip is to play "back-up" copies of your PlayStation 2 games (you'll have to burn some special patches to the CD before you use it, too). So, although there may be little practical use for the MOD chip at this point in time, it is only the beginning of Sony's newest battle against piracy. Go Sony dus!