In een eerder bericht op het Project forum werd er gemeld dat developer Innerloop Studios druk bezig is aan het vervolg op Project I'm Going In, Project IGI2. Project kreeg hierover een mail van Henning Rokling, de managing director bij Innerloop, waarin staat dat het bericht in het forum onjuist is.

Hier de brief die Project ontving:I would first like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has purchased Project IGI in the last couple of weeks. Everyone at our company are flattered that so many of you have absorbed yourselves in this game, and of all the positive feedback we have been receiving from you.

The attention this game has received has surprised everyone here at Innerloop, and we are thrilled about it all. The feedback we have been getting has been very useful to us, and will be given a lot of thought when we now will start to build our next products.

Like we all know, the internet can be a dangerous thing, as information and rumours can fly about at lightning speed. Bits of information and misinformation regarding the development of this game, as well as what we are going to do next, has floated onto the internet. I write you now to rectify some of the damage and speculations this can continue to cause if the record is not set straight.

The posting seemingly made by an Eidos-representative is indeed a hoax. We have not made any decisions within our company as to what kind of product we will go on to do. We have a long history with Eidos, and are continuing to discuss further business with them as well as our other business partners. So far, this has not included discussing a potential sequel to Project IGI.

I can assure you that the ideas we are bouncing around right now would excite you all, and I hope you will continue to follow our company to see what we will come up with next.

At the same time I would like to thank everyone who is contributing to the unofficial fan-sites – you are doing a tremendous job with the Project IGI community of which we are very grateful.Voorlopig is Project IGI dus wel klaar, geen multiplayer patch én geen vervolg.