Het Boxing spel 'Title Defence' zal volgend jaar voor de PC en de X-Box uitgebracht worden.Players can fight against a computer-controlled boxer or another player in the Exhibition mode, or practice their face-thumping, ring-shimmying skills with the Sparring option. In the Shadow mode, a single-player will be able to replay a two-player game as a single-player bout. While the career mode, Tournament, will allow players to start in small-time domestic boxing with dreams of a Las Vegas pay-day and a championship belt." Expect to see commentary, realtime hints and tips, and personal trainers make a larger impact on the game, as well as a referee that will take care of business when he catches boxers getting a little too cuddly. And what about the boxers? Climax promises over 5,000 polygons for the sweatmongers, as well as motion capture for more realism.

Het ziet er al aardig uit voor een game die volgend jaar pas uitgebracht wordt!