Een nieuwe game van SCI (o.a. bekend van Carmageddon). Hieronder een kleine outtake van het artikel van Avault samen met een aantal screens. SCi has released a new slate of screenshots for its late 2000 title, Titanium Angels. Titanium Angels is a 3D action and adventure game in which people control Carmen, a tough futuristic bounty hunter, and her intelligent assault vehicle, Titan. Together, they are drawn into the grim alternate world of the Kai'Tin, an alien race intent on annihilating Earth. Set in an alternate future, Titanium Angels charts the story of three alien races that become intertwined in a fight for survival. Carmen is one of a breed called The Kindred. Any job too sensitive or dangerous for conventional law officers is offered as a bounty to these individuals--who have no understanding of the words "fear" and "danger."