Je heet Carmen, je dropship wordt vernietigd, wat doe je ? inderdaad vechten. Titanium Angels is een combinatie van actie en puzzel elementen. Doe er een snufje techniek bij en je hebt een werkende titel Titanium Angels is the newest title to be published by UK game publisher SCi, publishers of the delightfully twisted Carmageddon series. Titanium Angels is the story of what happens to Carmen after her assault on Furie goes terribly wrong and her drop ship is destroyed by Furie's massive array of firepower. Clinging for dear life to the side of Furie's stronghold Carmen has nowhere left to go but onward and nothing left to do but fight. Players will control the lithe and agile, Carmen and her huge, heavily armed but slow sidekick, Titan. Gameplay promises to combine fast and furious action and fighting with mindbending puzzles. Players will have to decide which character to use depending upon the situation facing them Mobius Entertainment, the game's producers have created a totally new proprietary software engine to run Titanium Angels: the Revelation Engine. One of the coolest features of this next-generation engine is its use of volumetric fog. Using complex voxel technologies for ground fog will allow it to dissipate and then reform as Carmen and Titan walk through it. The Revelation Engine will also feature curved surfaces, multiple shadow effects and skeleton-based character models. Last but not least, the Revelation Engine will feature a technology Mobius calls DLOD, short for Dynamic Level of Detail which should work similarly to Messiah's tesselation technology. What this means is that the game should perform well, if your computer only meets the minimum specs for the game.

Waarom kan men niet eens om te tafel gaan zitten om zo nader tot elkaar te komen. Al dat vechten Titanium Angels