Terwijl het aftellen naar de RTCW demo doorgaat is de .plan van DuffMan geupdate met enkele tips.

De verschillende classes spelen erg verschillend en daarom is het ook goed om te weten wat je moet doen. Het is belangrijk om goed samen te werken in de techdemo, de classes vullen elkaar perfect aan. Zeker leuk om even te lezen terwijl je zit te wachten...If you are on the allied team, initially you are going to need an engineer, some snipers, a medic to help get the engineer up the beach. Once you have blown the door and the wall you do not need any more engineers unless you just like blowing stuff up in a major way. If you can capture the forward spawn point in the bunker you will mostly reinforce in there so at this point snipers become less critical. You will want soldiers and at least one medic and lieutentant. It is usually a fight down to the war room and then up to the radio room.

The axis team is going to want a lieutenant and a sniper or two to start out with. You will want to man the MG42's ASAP so you can chew the beach up and keep the door and wall up as long as possible. You can even get sneaky and have an engineer jump over the wall to defuse the dynamite if you can keep him covered well enough. Once they are inside the base you will want keep a group in the war room and in the radio room. A medic is handy near the radio room to keep people alive during the last push. A good Axis sniper can dominate the beach in the beginning. [snip]Lees verder bij Shacknews.