Voodoo heeft een interessant interview online met Tim Sweeney. Tim is een ware code goeroe bij Epic. Er worden veel onderwerpen besproken zoals het vertrek van "GreenMarine" van Epic naar het DNF-team bij 3dRealm en ook komt de X-Box aan bod.

VE: Why, in your own words, would you say that Brandon Reinhart left?

TS: You should ask him for the definitive answer, but in general Brandon's real passion has been working on gameplay: gameplay programming, design, and so on. At Epic he did a lot of that, but probably not as much as he would have liked. This is the downside of a lean-and-mean development team in general, that you often have to do what needs to be done, rather than what you'd really like to be doing. (Ask me how I enjoyed fixing Unreal 1's network code sometime!) I gather that the 3D Realms decision gives Brandon a chance to spend a larger percentage of his time on the gameplay stuff he loves, and we respect that.Lees hier meer ..