Bij Checkout Games hebben ze een interviewtje geregeld met Tim Sweeney, de hoofd kabouter bij EpicWith consoles gaining in power and ability, the days of the PC as a gaming platform may be coming to a close. Unless something is done to increase the stability of PC games, its extinction appears inevitable. What do you think needs to be accomplished in the world of PC gaming to prevent this? With so many video cards and drivers available, how can the PC platform adapt into a seamless, functioning beast? Remember how sound cards were 7 years ago? There were tons of incompatible brands, and virtually no standards. Getting a game working with various sound cards was a huge undertaking. But, eventually, sound drivers stabilized, thanks to a combination of factors, including Microsoft's driver model, the dominance of a few vendors and commoditization of hardware. The same thing is happening, slowly, with video cards. The compatibility situation will be significantly better each year for the next few years, until they "just work" for the most part. This will require the same factors as before. Microsoft driving DirectX standardization and conformance tests. There will be shakeouts where the stakes in 3D hardware development, such as the cost of investment required to remain competitive, will increase and only a few players will be able to keep up. And, the set of features expected from 3D hardware will reach a more stable growth curve. The thing about the PC market, as compared to console markets, is that it never works quite right. But it's a free, open market with lots of vendors competing, and over time we experience a very rapid rate of innovation. I guess you could say the same thing about any free, open type of institution, that there's always chaotic competition and evolution. Lees de rest hier