Voodoo Extreme vond het nodig om ons te vervelen met een Q&A (voor de newB's onder ons, dat staat dus voor Question & Answers, oftewel een kort interview ) met Epic's Tim Sweeney. Epic staat uiteraard bekend om de Unreal serie. Het hele korte Q&A'tje draait vooral om de next generation consoles. UT voor de PS2 begint al aardig op te schieten en Tim is erg te spreken over de XBox. Het is voor de programmeurs erg makkelijk om een game voor de XBox te maken (ok, relatief gezien dan ) en het ding is super krachtig. Over toekomstplannen van Epic wil Tim helemaal niets kwijt .Voodoo Extreme - Epic's been very quiet as of late, what have you guys been up to? Tim Sweeney - We're hammering away on Unreal Tournament for PlayStation 2. The speed has improved way significantly since E3; we have cool new, console-ish TV-friendly menus up and running; and 2-player split screen multiplayer. Jack Porter got 4-player split-screen multiplayer code working, and are in the process of building some simplified, high-performance 4-player maps so we can judge whether or not we'll ship with 4-player split-screen as a feature. There has also been a great deal of design and prototyping going on for our next project, but we're not talking about that yet. The X-Box advisory board met about 10 days ago (Carmack and I are on it, among others). I was incredibly impressed both with Microsoft's technical specifications, and with their overall attitude. I can't talk about the technical side of X-Box at this point, but I can say that Microsoft has exactly the right attitude towards the X-Box: they want to build a very powerful gaming platform that developers will love to work with. They aren't caught in the Windows mind-set, and are 100% focused on building a game platform, a fixed-function piece of hardware with low-level API's and 100% reliable games. Their message, which J Allard and Seamus Blackley stated at the very first meeting was, "we are making this thing for you guys, the developers". And it's totally true; it's also the message they're sending to investors, and it's their overriding internal focus, going around to the best console & PC game developers to get feedback so they can make the most powerful and development-friendly gaming platform possible. [break]Er komt ook een expansion pack voor Unreal Tournament voor de PC gamers:[/break] Voodoo Extreme - id's pumping out an official add-on for Quake III Arena soon, (TeamArena) what's the status of UT's expansion? Tim Sweeney - Some very cool near-term things are in the works for Unreal Tournament...stay tuned.