Iedereen die de film 'The Recruit' heeft gezien, zal de titel van het Playstation 2 spel 'Ice Nine' wel bekend in de oren klinken. De film, met hoofdrollen voor Al Pacino en Colin Farrell, vertelt het verhaal van James Clayton, een jonge recruit voor de CIA die de verspreiding van het Ice Nine computervirus moet zien te voorkomen.

Ice Nine wordt een firstperson stealth shooter, en belooft geweldige AI en verschillende einde's afhankelijk van de keuzes die je maakt in het spel.The game begins at the "secret" CIA training facility called the Farm at Camp Peary in Virginia. A young agent trainee named James Clayton takes on a mission to thwart the theft and deployment of the Ice Nine virus. This virus, unlike a normal computer virus can be spread through ordinary power lines. It is capable of massive damage through disabling the power centers of any city chosen as a target

The player, a as a covert operative for the CIA, performs missions handed down by a high-ranking CIA member. The missions take the player through a conspiracy plot that leads right to the top! {COMMUNICATION DELETED FOR SECURITY PURPOSES} During the game the player will make choices that will ultimately impact the multiple endings of the game. Stay true to the tenets of the CIA and become a high-ranking officer, or carry out double agent objectives and work for the Rogue Chinese Terrorist organization known as the Xu. De overige negen nieuwe screenshots zijn te bekijken bij Worthplaying.