Bij RPG Planet hebben ze een interview gehouden met enkele medewerkers van Click Entertaiment, de makers van de RPG Throne of Darkness. Click Entertaiment is opgericht door oud-medewerkers van Blizzard Entertaiment, de makers van oa. Diablo. Het is dan ook geen wonder dat Throne of Darkness veel op Daiblo lijkt.

RPGPlanet: Throne of Darkness gets its inspiration from such Samurai movies as "Throne of Blood." How many different attack variations will there be? Have these moves been motion captured?

Click: Each of the seven characters will have four different attacks. Although we're sticking to the traditional weaponry (sword, polearm, bow, shuriken, unarmed melee combat), the particular way each character wields their weapon will be unique. For example, the brick will have lumbering broad movements, while the swordsman will have a fast and elegant technique. Each weapon class will have two attack variations. Most of the moves have been motion captured from a variety of sources, including a Hapkido Master who we obtained permission from to tape his movements with the katana and spear. Lees hier het hele interview.