De mannen van de 3D Action Planet hebben een first look geschreven van Throne of Darkness.

Deze game is ontwikkeld door Click Entertainment, deze tent is opgezet door 2 ex-medewerkers van Blizzard. Zoals je ook op de plaatjes ziet, is deze game een RPG, met volgens hun wat verrasende nieuwigheidjes.hrone of Darkness may look as though it has a lot in common with Diablo but the similarities fall short fairly quickly. Based tightly on Japanese mythology the game places your character in a fight to overthrow a dark warlord and his army-battling solo or as party leader. Four characters are available to be chosen from in order to complete your assault on the Dark One's great fortress. The single-player game will consist of many squad tactics, in other words moves and attacks that your characters carry out will be as a team versus individually. The AI will control three of your seven characters while the other four will be controllable by the player. The squad can be set up in either offensive or defensive attack modes in order to best accomplish their task.