The Adrenaline Vault heeft een review van Thief gemaakt. Hieronder weer eens een stukkie.Thief Gold is a mission-based offering centered around the adventures of Master Thief Garrett. A one time star pupil of the Keepers, Garrett is a rogue in the truest sense of the word. The 12 original missions in Thief were woven together amongst an old religous sect called the Hammerites and their prophecy of an evil one called the Trickster. Laced here and there throughout the game were one-off missions tha,t while still within the framework of the story, were not a direct part of it. In what I suspect was surprising to Looking Glass, the public adored these non-plot critical missions, such as Lord Bafford's Manor and Assassins. Since most of these took place in the cities, where Garrett was primarily focussed on evading human detection rather than the monsters that dominated the other missions, Looking Glass decided to give the public more of what they wanted. All three of the new missions, Thieves Guild, Mage's Tower and Song's of the Caverns all have a diminished monster presence and take place in structures built and inhabited primarily by humans.Check hem hier helemaal!