Thief3 is eindelijk verder toegelicht op een van de forums van de fansite: 'Through the Looking Glass'. Randy, de project direcor geeft in deze posting wat meer toelichting over het team dat Thief3 zal maken en de vordering aan het project.

Een hoop 'name dropping' dus in deze posting. It's great that Thief 3 is at Ion Austin. Working in the same culture with the guys making Deus Ex 2 is really fun, and I'm sure that each team is going to benefit from the insights of the other. Get ready for some awesome games. Of course, neither game is coming out right away, so you might want to find some other stuff to play in the meantime.

As I mentioned, Thief 3 is still in pre-production, which is going well. The designers and artists are currently cranking out top-notch material for an internal art demo we're working on. No, you can't see it, sorry. We'll probably release some screen shots when we're comfortable with what we have, but don't hold your breath. It's looking very good so far, and we're also doing some R&D to figure out new ways to make it even better.Zouden ze bij Ionstorm misschien ook een andere (bestaande?) engine gaan gebruiken voor deze titel? We zullen het binnenkort wel horen.