Shhht....stilletjes.......en vooral sneaky zijn, daar gaat het om bij Thief2. Dit keer geen shotguns om iemand een arm armer te maken . Gamespy heeft een grondige review neergezet. Thief 2 has incredible gameplay. The whole idea of playing a master thief is intriguing to start with, and Looking Glass added the right gameplay elements to make it work. The pace is slow, but it's a lot of fun and very rewarding. However, the game suffers from unattractive graphics, bad sound in places, and a few bugs. If you can get past those points, however, you'll find a whole lot of deep gameplay that'll keep you up and jumping at shadows (or creeping through them) for hours on end. Pros: Fun and innovative gameplay; Great story; Good replay value. Cons: Unattractive graphics; Touch and go sound. Pros: Runs fairly well; Level editor included. Cons: Some AI bugs. hier kan je je eigen oordeel vormen.