Gamelink heeft een preview gebouwd van Looking Glass's Thief 2: The Metal Age

Hier een stukje over de gameplay:Thief 2 will focus even more on problem solving and stealth than the first game did. This time around you'll be able to eavesdrop on secret conversations, frame people for crimes they didn't commit, rob banks, kidnap someone from a well-guarded installation, investigate a murder site and more. The sound system has been so vastly improved for the new game that you will now be able to hear through walls and doors if you lean in close enough to listen in on events happening inside rooms or buildings. As in the first game, Thief 2 is linear and will require that you finish a certain task(s) in any given mission to progress to the next. To continue with the gamble of centering a game around stealth, many of the new powerups have been centered around the idea of making Garrett a better thief. Missions will be set in mansions, banks, churches, and city streets just to name a few locations.