Op Something Awful hebben ze een artikel geschreven over The Sims,het is niet echt serieus maar wel leuk om te lezen.I had to make many strategic and intelligent decisions when building the dream home for my family. After many long, hard hours of eating donut holes and watching reruns of "Divorce Court", I came up with a blueprint that I thought would ensure the Felchers to live in luxury and comfort for their entire lives or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first. As you can see from the picture, one of the first things I tried to do was create a moat around the house to protect my family from evil trolls and invading Christian armies. Unfortunately, the designers at Maxis left out the "Build Moat" tool, as the closest thing I could get was to build a tiny pool around the perimeter. I also learned that making a pool was quite expensive, so I gave it up after awhile and just put a picket fence up ("White picket fences - the poor man's moat"). To frighten people away from trying to burglarize my house, I dug a ditch in the front lawn and threw some flowers around it so it'd look kinda like a cemetery plot. This, no doubt, would scare away even the most sociopathic of criminals. Since my characters would would be extremely antisocial and desire to be free of obnoxious neighbors, I put some bright yellow wallpaper on the outside of my home, which should cause permanent eye damage to any fool stupid enough to get within a 100-yard radius of the house. I figured that these were enough natural defenses to sufficiently fortify my home from unwanted intruders, so I then began to fill the inside with furniture. Het hele verhaal kan je hier lezen.