Eindelijk is er weer een Bullfrog product in de winkelrekken! Het zal hier nog wel eventjes duren..maar dat zal niet erg lang meer zijn. Ik heb hieronder een kleine greep genomen uit de officiele website:Game Overview

The Themepark is back in town and the kids are clamouring at the gates. The only thing is you haven't built it yet! What could be more fun than building and running your own Themepark? Well how about getting to play in it and ride all the rides you created? After all YOU built it - YOU should be the first to test it! Then how about sharing your park with the whole world on the Internet? It's all about having fun. It's about getting as many people into the park as possible - then fleecing them! Watch your employees and punters at work and play. Getting scared, getting bored, getting sick! All human life is here and it's your job to make sure they stay here and stay happy! Features

You built it. You ride it! Build it: Place pathways, rides, shops, side-shows and features however you wish; Visit your park: Once you've created your park, you can visit it in person; Ride all the rides: Test out your creations in first person mode!

Employ: Hire, train, manage and fire your theme park staff;

Manage: Adjust the performance of your rides. Set prices, profit levels, food quality and more!

Researchiscover better attractions and facilities, with which to enhance your park;

Snapshots: Send snapshot photos as email postcards from anywhere in your park to anyone in the world;

TPW On-line: You can even publish your park online, meet people in the Chat Parks, or visit other peoples parks from all around the World!