AXLON heeft de nieuwssubmit blijkbaar gevonden, ditmaal wees hij ons namelijk op screenshots van Die Welt ist nicht genug. Deze zijn op de Duitse site PcPlayer verschenen. Er staat ook een Duitse preview bij die hier te vinden is. Gebruik eventueel Babelfish om deze tekst in het Engels te vertalen.Engine comparison a part of the K.I. modifications is probably used for all female characters, which always against-thirst to the charming hero luestern. But why Quake 3 received the priority before unreal or the new LithTech? " property question ", Ric means. " we compared all Engines together. According to our opinion ID possesses quite simply the most progressive technology. We know that we can use the same engine on any new Japanese console. In connection with high resolutionresolution resolution that gave the excursion. The additional polygone of the Q3-Engine will let the experience bond on the PC become still more intensive. " Ric forgot to mention with the fact that Q3s innovative, kurvige surface technology helps also best to copy in order ranks the body of Denise " I among the world-wide best atomic physicists " Richards akkurat. Naturally are the individual level as far as possible at the film to orient itself. " it was described a good history "

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