Als je tegenwoordig het woord Thunderbird zegt, zijn er mensen die denken aan de nieuwe processor van AMD of aan de poppenserie uit de jaren 60. Het spel gaat over de poppen. Kan je dadelijk The Thunderbirds draaien op je Thunderbird

(nu maar hopen dat ze beide in de zomer klaar zullen zijn )The title is being created at United Kingdom-based developer Deep Red Games, which the founders of Hasbro Europe launched in May 1998. As described on their website, Thunderbirds falls into the popular 3D action-strategy genre. The emphasis will be on action, though the game itself will be a non-linear, mission-based experience featuring all of the classic characters and vehicles from the original series. In what is no doubt exciting news for die-hard fans, the show's creator, Gerry Anderson, might even design an all-new Thunderbird 6 for the digital offering. Many of the original episodes will serve as inspiration for the missions, but it will be the combination of vehicle use, timing issues and puzzle-solving that will create Thunderbirds' challenges. Wil je weten of de Thunderbirds wel AMD proof zullen zijn, lees het hier