Blijkbaar heeft Mr.Wight, de maker van The Sims, een soort "virusje" in de guinea pig add-on (downloadbaar van de site) waardoor je sims echt ziek kunnen worden:It took only weeks before Sims players discovered that the pet guinea pig was carrying a potentially fatal virus that could kill a human character in the game. In the world of the game the disease spread from one species to another, and once loose in the human Sims population, the virus could also infect other characters. But in the underlying software code, the guinea pig was itself a computer virus, a small, hidden program that surreptitiously affected the game play. Mr. Wright was playing games with his game, with the players and with the whole idea of a virus. Soon the Sims bulletin board was full of lively debate over the secret code. Some players agonized over the loss of game characters that they had spent dozens of hours developing. The characters had taken on the qualities of pets, and their creators reacted with outrage and confusion to the plague. [...]Others defended Mr. Wright in his decision to add secret features to a game. "Why some people are making such a big fuss about it is beyond me," a player wrote. "I had a family of eight who all came down with this thing, and through common sense game playing they all survived quite well and only one even missed a day of work." Nou voor iedereen die dus The Sims niet "echt" genoeg vond: downloaden met die hap! Lees de rest van het artikel hier van de New York Times