Veel ge-edit vandaag, deel 1 van de Project Sims tutorial is uit. Deze is eigenlijk meer een addendum op de simpele tutorial die bij The Sims zelf wordt geleverd: While the tutorial that comes with The Sims is quite handy for teaching the basics, it's really not that good for helping out with longer-term concerns that come up in the game. For instance, while it shows you how to get a job, it doesn't give any info about getting promoted. This series of articles (I really don't know how many weeks it will go yet) will attempt to remedy that little problem. What I am going to try to do is show you how to take a starting Sim and get him at least a few steps down the promotion ladder, as well as demonstrating a few of the tips I've already mentioned and maybe even adding a few more. En als je er weer eens genoeg van hebt gehad om je Sims in leven te houden kun je nog altijd naar Sims Deathmatch surfen, wat een beetje op Celebrity Deathmatch van MTV lijkt.