Gamecenter heeft een preview gemaakt van de expansion pack van The Sims, The Sims Livin' Large. The Sims livin' large wordt verwacht in september 2000. Hier is vast een preview, met een paar screenshots erbij. Flush with the success of The Sims, the producers of Livin' Large decided to open up the game and introduce some wacky new stuff. Don't think that Livin' Large is a radical departure from The Sims, though, because it's not. For an ordinary Simmer, the expansion pack offers a wealth of new features, doubling--and in some cases tripling--the number of objects in the game. There are also five new career choices (more on that later), as well as four more neighborhoods, which boosts the number of houses in the game to 50.Lees de voledige preview hier.