Blue Byte heeft al meer dan 2 weken geleden stilletjes een demo van The Settlers IV op het net gezet. Tot nu toe door weinig mensen opgemerkt, maar viel het vandaag op.

De demo bevat 2 tutorial's en 1 single-player map. Daarnaast mag de speler ook online of over een LAN gaan proberen tegenstanders te verslaan.THE SETTLERS IV demo has finally arrived! The demo provides a great opportunity for all those who would like to get to know THE SETTLERS IV and its gorgeous, revamped graphics to do just that, not to mention the chance the demo gives you to delve into the murky world of the Dark Tribe…

The demo version includes

- Two tutorial maps

- The first two original tutorials from the full version of THE SETTLERS IV

- One single-player map

Perfectly suited for those new to THE SETTLERS: the map offers sufficient resources to enable you to get on with building up a settlement, and 'promises' a first meeting with the Dark Tribe!

Two multiplayer maps (which can be played over LAN and also over the Blue Byte Game Channel)

One two-player and one four-player map – both based on the “every man for himself” principle.

De demo weegt zo'n 100 Mb en is te downloaden bij of Ubi Sof.