De Settlers. Na Deel1, 2, 2-Gold Edition en 3 krijgen we nu de Ultimate Collection. Dit doosje is gevuld met.......dat mag je hieronder lezen (anders paste ik die dingen voor niets ).

De game kreeg slechts een 7, misschien laag, maar dat is ook de prijs, 25$.The Settlers is oftentimes reminiscent of a cute, real-time version of Civilization or Impressions Games' Caesar series. All three installments have sold reasonably well in the United States, but they've been huge hits over in Europe. With The Settlers IV due in the fourth quarter of 2000, Blue Byte Software is bundling The Settlers III and all of its add-ons as a nice budget-priced collection. Although The Settlers has never been the deepest or most worthwhile of strategy series, it's hard to argue with this much value for this price. Unless, of course, you already own these products. The Ultimate Collection contains the full version of The Settlers III; the map editor and scenario add-on; the Quest of the Amazon's mission pack; a bonus collection of 70 user-created maps; a bunch of multimedia goodies such as music files; preview movies for upcoming Blue Byte releases; and odds and ends such as wallpaper and animated icons. Basically, there is nothing here you can't get elsewhere, so folks who already own all this stuff had better stay away. Strategy fans who haven't played with this stuff before, pay attention. The Settlers III Ultimate Collection makes up for its slightly above-average gameplay with a whole lot of value. Looking for your next strategy addiction? The Settlers Collection is well worth your time--it combines all the best aspects of a puzzle game with some of the finer aspects of an RTS. It's a quirky title that is a whole lot of fun. SettlersIII de ultieme collectie, toch ?