Na de aankondiging van MI4 is er alweer een nieuwe adventure titel aangekondigt. Het gaat hier The Sacred Amulet die het verhaal verteld over Little Serpent.DreamCatcher has announced an adventure game titled The Sacred Amulet. The Sacred Amulet offers the story of a hunter named Little Serpent, who witnesses the murder of a nobleman. With his last dying breath, the nobleman warns of a grave danger surrounding the empire and entrusts him with a turquoise amulet. Discovered with the dead man, Little Serpent is accused of the murder and runs away, eventually returning to clear his name. As the bodies pile up, Little Serpent discovers that people are being murdered to cover up a conspiracy that threatens the entire population of the Aztec people. People step into the role of Little Serpent to unravel the mystery. Available at this time in Europe under the name of Aztec: Curse in the Heart of the City of Gold, its features include: [bullet] Omni 3D engine [bullet] 30 hours of game time [bullet] 50 characters with which to interact [bullet] Choice of automatic or manual save modes [bullet] Subtitles available [bullet]Built-in illustrated encyclopedia [bullet] Choice of three modes: adventure, virtual visit or documentary area