Bij 3dfxGamers hebben ze de eer als eerste de demo van The Rift te hebben.The wait is over, the preview demo of The Rift is now available exclusively on! The Rift, from ThrushWave Technology, is pushing the edge of the real-time strategy envelope, which takes the popular genre into outer space, with fast-paced action and stellar graphics, creating an entirely unique new gaming experience. Fans of the genre will recognize many familiar elements, but will be challenged by new twists on gameplay and unit design. The Rift is one of this year's nine finalists in the Indepedent Games Festival to be held in San Jose this March. The Rift is nearing completion, with an expected release date early this summer. The playable preview demo features several missions and many of the novel units from the finished game. Customers can also pre-order the game at, which will give them a registration code to unlock 3 bonus missions in the preview demo.Hij is 17 MB en je kunt hem hier downloaden.