Gister een Matrix Mod voor Quake2, nu het echte werk. Shiny (MDK) gaat de game maken. Hij zal uitkomen ten tijde van de tweede Matrix film. Dat wordt dus hopelijk 2 keer smullen Industry buzz has been buzzing as subtly as a chainsaw about the long-rumored Matrix game. Word has it that Interplay and Warner Bros. have indeed reached a deal after two to three months of haggling over the project's specific terms. Rumor also has it that Shiny Entertainment, headed by game developer cum rockstar Dave Perry, will develop the game, which will come out around the same time as the second Matrix movie. Other masterminds in the deal are none other than Larry and Andy Wachowski, the fraternal team behind The Matrix.De makers van het spel zijn ook diehard gamers zoals je kan lezen