Voor iedereen die niet precies weet wat ze nou met die Horadric Cube moeten doen in Diablo II heeft planetdiablo een kookboek samengesteld van mogelijke combinaties. De lijst is nog niet compleet maar wordt wel zoveel mogelijk geupdate. Hier een stukje over de cube zelf.The first time you encounter the Horadric Cube is in Act 2, during the Horadric Staff quest. After you kill Radiament (or while you do), you may open a chest in his chamber, located on the third level of the Sewers, which will reward you with the Horadric Scroll. After bringing this quest item to Cain, your mission is to find the Cube in the Halls of the Undead, found in the Dry Hills. After working your way down to and through the third level of this area, another chest, once opened, will pop out one or more Horadric Cubes depending on the amount of players in the current game. This mysterious cube has a special "transmutation" ability that combines certain combinations of items into one item. You are required to use the Horadric Cube to produce two quest items of Diablo II; these are (once the reagents have been combined) the Horadric Staff (in Act II) and Khalim's Will (Act III). In the Horadric Staff quest of Act II, the Staff is used to open the way to Tal Rasha's chamber located deep inside Tal Rasha's Tomb in the Canyon of the Magi. During the third quest of Act III, the Cube is used to combine the three scattered body parts of Khalim, as well as Khalim's Flail, to produce the unique quest item weapon titled Khalim's Will. This is used to destroy the Compelling Orb so you may enter the temple of the Zakarum. You may not think much of the Horadric Cube, and throw it in your stash. However, trust us-- this is a wrong move! The Cube can do other things than just combine items to produce the Horadric Staff and Khalim's Will; it can also give you new items when certain items are placed in the cube. It can also be used as an extra storage space for items; while it takes up only a 2x2 (2 squares by 2 squares) space in your inventory, the cube opens up to a size of 4x3, or 12 available inventory spaces. De lijst met mogelijke combinaties kan je op deze pagina vinden.