Kick-ass gaming heeft een grappig stukje gebakken genaamd: De game in all of uss, waarin ze alle gamers netjes opdelen in categorien. Dit is bijvoorbeeld de categorie newbie-newbed :The newbie-newbed: This is the ultimate newbie there can be. He's not just a beginner in a particular game. He is a beginner in all games, forever. I think this is more a disease than anything. Newbies-newbed are born that way, and nothing can change it. Luckily they are very rare. The newbie-newbed problem lies within the brain itself. The newbie-newbed CANNOT in any way grasp the concept of a video game. When he is in front of a game, it's as if he doesn't realize it. Whatever the game, even Minesweeper, he will not be able to progress or do anything right. Sometimes they can't even control the mouse/joystick/pad. Sometimes they just do not find any fun learning how to play a game. You will see very few of those people online, since well, they wouldn't buy a game anyway. Most of newbies-newbed seem like normal people until you invite them over and offer to play a video game, even something as simple as Mario on NES or even old Atari games. As I said newbies-newbed are beyond newbie, they are incurable. Leave them alone to reading books.