Yabadabadooooo......dat is het eerste waar ik aan denk bij de Flintstones. Daarna denk ik aan Fred . Wat doet Fred graag ? bowlen inderdaad. Als je denkt dat FBB een traditioneel bowling spel is dan heb je het mis. Je bent zelf de "bal" en moet onderweg naar het einde allemaal dingen verzamelen...het heeft wel wat weg van een race als je leest dat er zelfs checkpoints in zitten.Did you ever decide to borrow money from your folks in order to "smartly" purchase a computer game, investment like, only to exclaim half an hour later "Yabba-Dabba-Doo…? Is it possible that I finished the game?" The false feeling that you are a great player is probably inevitable, but this is too much. No matter how clumsy you are, and you mange to obtain this Southpeak CD, you will finish it in a little more time than it took you to

install it. It is finally clear why Southpeak Interactive never released demo version of this game… The whole game would fit into the demo.

When the bowling (or rolling) starts, your task is to slide down the lane and knock down pins. But to make things a bit more difficult, you can collect blue gems, and be sure to knock down those Dodo birds which are, for some reason, in the capacity of the standard timer found in racing games. In those games, the timer would show how much time you have left to pass the checkpoint; here you have to knock all three Dodo birds over before passing through the checkpoint. If not, it will be the end of the course for you, which is bad: shorter course =less pins and blue gems = less points = worse position…

There you have it. You can take this article as a game review, or a tip on a financial investment, which will make you safe, not sorry. Hanna-Barbera fans wont find this game worthy of the Flintstones reputation... Yabbadabbadoo deze kan je beter laten liggen zo te lezen.