Myhtos Games, de makers van X-Com (Ufo Enemy Unknown in Europa) , zijn bezig met een nieuw project. The Dreamland Chronicles. Op het eerste gezicht lijkt dit een soort post-xcom te worden, alleen hebben de mensen bijna verloren en ben jij de laatste hoop .

Klinkt niet echt bijster origineel, maar als ze het niveau van Ufo Enemy Unknown halen, haal ik m'n slaapzak uit de kast. (oja ik heb helemaal geen slaapzak )Dreamland is set in the near future where Earth is desperately struggling against an alien invasion force vastly superior to our own. It's a minor miracle that Earth managed to hold out as long as it did. After 70 years, the aliens still haven't managed to exterminate us but they haven't exactly stopped trying either. After putting up a valiant fight longer than anyone could have suspected, Earth's military forces are now almost completely wiped out and no longer pose any serious threat to the alien invaders. You, the player, are in command of humanities last hope . You lead a small resistance group called the Terran Liberation Army. It's members vowed to one day free Earth from the alien oppression but before that they comes, a lot of work needs to be done. Mythos isn't taking the story telling lightly. Most strategy games are mission based and have cutscenes in between them to advance the story. Often these cutscenes are merely an introduction for the mission at hand and any relation with the previous cutscene is hard to find. Dreamland promises to break out of this mold and tell the story throughout the game and at the most unexpected moments. How exactly the storyline evolve hasn't been released yet, Mythos is a bit secretive about it. What we do know is that it will involve Area 51, alien abductions and even the illustrious Men in Black. Ik weet niet of Will Smith ook meedoet, maar meer kan je hier lezen.