Alles met de naam X-Com heeft mijn interesse. Zo ook The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge, geen X-Com in de naam, maar het is de "opvolger" van X-Com UFO Defense/ UFO enemy unknown. De makers, Mythos Games, waren verantwoordelijk voor het succes van de X-Com serie en proberen dat nu te evenaren met The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge.In 1994, Mythos Games and Microprose released a game that revolutionized strategy gaming with its involved science-fiction storyline and squad-based action, all wrapped in a neat turn-based format. The game was X-COM: UFO Defense, and in addition to spawning a popular subgenre, it generated an extremely loyal following. The game is still considered by many to be one of the best computer games of the last decade.

The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed X-COM. The same team that developed X-COM is creating this 3D turn-based game, whose science-fiction theme is similar

to X-COM's. The developers are billing Freedom Ridge as an updated and improved X-COM with an even better

story by using cutting-edge technology to improve the graphics and gameplay and still remaining faithful to

the original game. With Freedom Ridge, they are hoping to once again revolutionize the way people look at turn-based strategy games.

The Story

reedom Ridge begins after a massive alien invasion has left most of humanity's defense forces crippled and the social framework destroyed after a devastating 70-day war. A large percentage of existing human forces are trapped in alien prison camps. You command a small force of resistance fighters known as the Terran

Liberation Army. Your army must scramble to protect the few areas left in your control while it finds more supplies and troops to mount a larger resistance. As you capture alien troops and equipment, you can use laboratories to research their technology and use it against them. One big difference between Freedom Ridge and the original X-COM is that when you run out of ammunition, you have to find ammunition dumps to resupply your forces rather than just purchase more ammunition. Human money no longer has any value.

Interface and Graphics

The Freedom Ridge interface follows the same three-tiered format found in X-COM. A rotatable and zoomable global view screen shows you an overview of the various cities, bases, ammunition dumps, and other areas of interest spread across the world, as well as an outline

of the human and alien zones of control. A 3D isometric-view tactical screen lets you control your squad during conflicts, and a first-person view lets you control individual units while you aim your weapons


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