Gamespot is in een dolle 3d bui, er zijn 3 !!! RTS spellen gereviewd. Te weten: Earth2150 (hier onze eigen review), Shogun Total War en Ground Control. En met scores van 8.1, 8.5 en 8.8 zijn het volgens Gamespot 3 krakers. Earth 2150 Review Fortunately, the game's multiplayer and skirmish modes are also good - they help reduce some of the initial learning curve if you play against similarly experienced opponents, or against a computer opponent set to a lower difficulty. Although the game's computer-controlled opponent is generally effective, playing against a human opponent helps prove that Earth 2150's three sides are well balanced against one another. Also, it's easy to get into a four-player game over the Microsoft Gaming Zone. Earth 2150 is a fun but complex game. Hard-core real-time strategy players should be able to figure out the interface without much trouble, but on the other hand, more casual players will run the risk of being alienated and frustrated. Ultimately, Earth 2150 delivers complex and challenging gameplay - and even an absorbing story. It's a great 3D adaptation of traditional real-time strategy gameplay. Shogun Total War Review Shogun has a great subject, and a perfect melding of strategic and tactical gameplay. The strategy portion is simple but very engrossing, while the tactical battles are very realistic, challenging, and entertaining exercises in military tactics. Shogun is a difficult game even on the default setting - but what's so great is that the challenge is grounded on the basic, real-world tenets and common wisdom of warfare. Spreading yourself too thin is an invitation for disaster; alliances cannot be trusted for long; feigning weakness is one of the few ways to goad your opponents to overextend themselves; and so on. When you get beaten in battle or outmaneuvered on the strategic map, in hindsight it'll be clear to you why you lost and thus easier for you to figure out how to do better the next time. Shogun is a very enjoyable game, as it keeps you honest by punishing you for your mistakes and richly rewarding you for your well-thought-out successes. Shogun does have a smattering of problems, but it easily makes up for its shortcomings with its great design and engrossing gameplay. Since many recent strategy games have emphasized instantly gratifying tactical battles, it's refreshing to play a game that also rewards more long-term planning and tactical thinking. No matter which type of strategy game you prefer, you owe it to yourself to try Shogun. Ground Control Review Ground Control is an outstanding game with occasional problems that affect its longevity and its tactical depth. The game's long single-player campaign is enjoyable and interesting enough to offset any frustration you'll inevitably experience as you're forced to replay its scenarios. And while the game's multiplayer mode lacks the breadth of features you'd wish for in a game of such high quality as Ground Control, you'll still find it highly enjoyable thanks to the team tactics that are introduced when the game's two factions join forces. Ultimately, Ground Control is a fast-paced game of skill that's highly accessible and often very impressive.3d is het helemaal volgens de makers, maar ondanks dat de games in 3d zijn verschillen ze toch van elkaar. Gamespot