3D news heeft Valve geinterviewed over hun nieuwe ((waarschijnlijk) top)game Team Fortress 2.What attempts are being made to balance the classes more? There's nothing worse than being in a public game in which two out of three players are snipers... TF Classic's design was done over a couple of years, where new classes were added over time, which made it hard to balance them well. TF2's classes have been designed from scratch, with the knowledge of all the other classes in the game, which makes balancing a lot easier. How big do you expect the learning curve to be? TF2 is obviously going to be more than "run, shoot, kill, repeat," but will we need to play with one hand on the keyboard and one on the manual? One of the things we knew we wanted to do with TF2 was to make it easy to play, easy to learn, and yet still as rich as TF Classic, where players are still finding new tricks 4 years after it's conception. We knew we needed a hazard course, similar to Half-Life's, to teach people how to move, shoot, and the rest. But we also knew that wouldn't be enough. TF's classes give the game a depth we just can't explain in a single player game. TF2's training mode had to be in a multiplayer game. So the approach we've taken is similar to an AI helper. While you're playing the game, online with other players, its watching you and helping you out. It keeps track of what you do and don't know, and it tries to offer it's help at times when you want it. The key to it is that it only offers you information at a time that it's directly useful to you, so that you don't get swamped down with things you'll have to remember for later use.Hier is het interview te vinden.