Een beriggie geplaatst op het officiele SOF-forum. Iemand zin om naar Raven te gaan? Laten we zeggen 'Op kosten van de zaak'. If any of you are in the Madison, WI, area, you are invited to come to Raven this Sunday night, November 7th, at 9pm to help us test out the arcade-style SOF deathmatch. Yep, that's right, if you can get here, you can help test. We'll have NDA's on hand. Please drop me an email at if you think you'll be here. Also, please notice that this is actual TESTING. This is NOT just a backhanded way of us showing off a soon-to-be-released public version of the game. It is actual TESTING. What this means is that it is entirely possible (though unlikely) that within the first four seconds of playing, we could find a crash bug and there won't be anything to do until it is fixed. How's that for realism! That said, it should be a good time. Now, I have no idea how many of you are in/near Madison, so send me an email so I can get an idea if 0, 3, or 20 people want to come. If too many people want to come, it'll be first come, first serve.