The Adrenaline Vault schreef een review van de nieuwste Test Drive, inmiddels al bij versienummer 6 terecht is gekomen:The real-world physics surrounding car movement are never really convincing, and at times it appears as if you are floating on the road or that you are witnessing a bunch of toy cars rather than full-size automobiles out for a spin. But the distinctive handling differences among the models are fun. One clearly undesirable deviation from what I would have expected here is that no matter what you do, you can never get damaged either visibly or in terms of your performance. In any case, the collision detection is flawed, as sometimes you fly right through objects. Your ability to hit objects out of the way as you drive along turns out to be of negligible value in the gameplay, as the objects you can hit are generally small and trivial. I do not find that the money management aspects of the gameplay, in which you collect loot to buy or upgrade cars, adds much to the value of Test Drive 6. This feature appears to be more applicable to other kinds of racing games, and here it just ends up being an added bother for the most part.