Een reviewtje van de mannen van PC Sports Update, Test Drive 6. Ik hoop dat deze beter wordt dan deel 5, want dat vond ik zelf niet echt een toppertje! Check hier hier en het complete daar. But how does it look you ask? The graphics are good but not great by any means. I thought that the cars and the scenery were good, but nothing jumped out at me the way NFS High Stakes' scenery did. The cars lack detail, and beg for some more polish from the developers. The tracks on the other hand are a thing of beauty. Not really graphically, they're above average in the looks department, but rather in the design. I just loved the winding courses and city traffic to put up with. Cities look like just that, cities. You get the feeling of being in something much bigger and spacious than just a race track. I really liked the use of hills and elevation changes in the game. No boring flat lands here. The game did play smoothly at 1024x768. Cities like New York and Tokyo have familiar landmarks for you to see. We're not talking Midtown Madness accurate, but it comes very close. One problem is that some roads look drivable, but a magical barrier won't let you through. City traffic can drive through, but not you. Be on the look out for a few shortcuts as well.

Deep down there is a good game, with a nice future assuming some tweaking is done.