Avault heeft exclusief de demo van de space-shooter Terminus op hun ftp staan. Met de 40 Mb weegende demo kan je enige trainingsmissies spelen die je voorbereiden op het overleven in het universium. Design studio Vicarious Visions and the Adrenaline Vault have teamed up to offer space combat fans a huge taste of the soon-to-be-released Terminus. The full game is set in our solar system 200 years in the future. Space colonization has just begun and both Earth and Mars are enjoying unprecedented abundance. Then it happens. Ancient alien technologies are discovered that allow instantaneous travel among distant destinations, and the course of the human race is forever changed. Gamers will soar through space, trading and shooting a path through the single or multiplayer campaign, bumping into hundreds of computer-controlled characters and ships, and interacting with 18 space stations. The demo contains a series of training missions that teaches gamers the basics of Newtonian aviation, a one-person gauntlet that hurls wave upon wave of enemy ships at the pilot, and one solo mission from the game's campaign. People will be able to choose to complete the mission from either the Earth or Mars side. Upon successful completion of the mission, a special trailer will run that includes snippets from the game as a teaser to the larger plot. Despite numerous in-depth previews, Vicarious has held the story under wraps, so this will be the first glance people will get of the larger scenario. In addition, the demo will include a preview that will highlight some of the features found in the actual game as well as new movie clips. The demo will not have online options nor will it feature the much-buzzed persistent universe, functional economics, trading and free-roaming environment. To experience that, gamers will need to purchase the full game. Downloaden kan hier. Het klinkt allemaal goed, misschien eindelijk een waardige opvolger voor Elite.