Gamerspoint heeft een preview van Team Fortress 2 in twee delen, klik hier voor deel 1. Stukje copy/paste :Let´s start with the characters you will be able to choose from. In TFC there were about 8 (9?), in Team Fortress 2 there will be 12 ! Take a qick look at the Medic. He will be able to take dead teammates out of the battlefield and revive them, of course he will be able to heal them, too. I don´t know exactly how it will be in TF2, but I imagine that he will be the only one who will be able to revive players. In other games, like in TFC, if a player die, he is just taken back to a point and he can play again. This is boring. So, the medic will play a very more important role in Team Fortress 2. But, what is if the medic dies ? Who will revive him ?