Team Fortress 2 is de laatste tijd veel in het gamesnieuws, ditmaal is er een preview te vinden op gamelinks. De geschiedenis van TF(C) is als volgt:WHAT IS TEAM FORTRESS? So what's Team Fortress anyway? About 5 years ago, two Aussie's named Robin Walker and John Cook started to play around with a little known Doom map known as "Fortress". You were able to choose to be on one team or another and everyone could only choose one certain specific weapon. Soon after Quake came out, Walker and Cook decided to apply the concept of teams and classes and created the Team Fortress 2 mod. Beggining with five different classes (later to become nine), Team Fortress became an instant success and is arguably the second most popular mod ever, next to Capture The Flag. As the story goes, the gaming community was expecting Robin and John to release an updated version of the Team Fortress mod, Team Fortress 2 as soon as id Software had released Quake 2. Months went by, and nothing happened. Soon enough, the pair of developers announced that they would be releasing Team Fortress 2 as an official mod/add-on for id's game, but for reasons unknown the deal fell through and TF2 for Quake2 died. Just as the future of the Team Fortress mod began to look bleak, along came Valve Software. The two companies got together, and because of the phenomenal success of both the mod, and Valve's Half-Life, Valve software decided to buy Team Fortress Software and announced that they would be making Team Fortress 2 into an official mod for Half-Life. A few more months went by, and in a surprise announcement, Valve confirmed rumors that Team Fortress 2 would become a stand-alone game based on the Half-Life engine.Verder gaan ze in op o.a. het begrip 'teamplay' en de ontzettend goeie AI, zo zullen bots leren van hun verleden en fouten die ze in het verleden gemaakt hebben! Bedankt VAK voor de tip.