Hasta van GameSurge heeft een preview geschreven van, na Soldier of Fortune, een van de meest verwachte en, na Daikatana, de game die het langste op zich laat wachten, Team Fortress 2. De stand alone game in navolging van de klassieker in Quake en de andere klassieker voor Half Life.

Hieronder wat pics en natuurlijk een lappie tekst.

Not only will Team Fortress 2 have the best teamplay available, its technology is sure to impress many. Graphically, many new features are added. One new addition is MRM Technology. This technology makes having the ability to reduce the number of polygons on a model possible, depending on how far away from the viewing screen they are. This helps aid overall, in performance, while still keeping the image quality at it is best. The result is letting the developer put better-looking models on the screen, without worrying about a slowdown. The end result is having some sweet ass looking models. Second, speed freaks (no, not the drug) will be in heaven. There is an option to select a minimum framerate. If it drops below your desired rate, it'll simply lower the polygon count. Not too shabby, eh? Another part that will be far superior to the rest of the first person shooters out there is the animation. Using a new technology called Parametric Animation will give developers the ability to play multiple animation's at once, hence, merging them together; which results in better looking animations. Here are some details from Valve themselves: "Our characters do not actually strafe. In real life, no one strafes. Instead, they run one way, and aim to the left or right. Parametric animation allows us to "lie" with our animation to make the game seem more real. Therefore, when you are strafing left and firing, everyone else actually sees you running to the left and firing to the right." Can the game get any more advanced? Apparently so…

Team Fortress 2 is to ship with around 20 (give or take a few) maps with different goals/objectives. There will only be a few general Capture the Flag maps in the game, as the game is focused on new concepts of gameplay, which will push the engine's limits. Each map is different from the others, each modifying the gameplay, giving an overall unique gameplay experience. So far, knowledge is known of 5 escort maps, each ranging from escorting one human or AI controlled player, to where you have to escort multiple groups of players, with multiple teams trying to kill certain others. In Afghanistan, you must claim territory, and receive benefits from being in control of that land. A good way to accomplish this is to use your engineer well, by building sentry guns to stand your ground.