Ze hebben bij 3D GameForce een interview gehouden met Yahn Bernier, Senior Software Engineer @ Valve en bespreken daar zaken als cheaten en teamplay.Grant: How are you going to address the cheating issue? Many people have devised a way of cheating in numerous games such as the add on Counterstrike for Half life, theirs no doubt that these people are going to try to cheat with TF2, I was just wondering what does Valve plan on doing? [Yahn] I think it's something you have to continually re-evaluate. We've been pretty diligent about listening to our users tell us about exploits and fixing them. I think you can go a long way on this issue by designing various systems, but in the end, the motivated hacking community will find exploits. With that in mind, you have to have mechanisms in place to close any such loopholes that are uncovered.Er is ook een talk optie in TF2, waarbij je zelf door de microfoon kan lullen.

Ben benieuwd of dit stand gaat houden omdat er altijd van die jokers zijn die nu ,,vocaal'' gaan spammen

Eniwee, het interview vindt je hier.