Team Fortress 2 the becoming heeft een interview gehouden met Robin Walker van Valve over TF2. Alot of the original TF maps are classics, and very popular even with TFC players. Maps like Hunted, Bam4, 2fort, Sniperwar, and many more are irreplaceable. As a follow-up to question 3, will TF2 have any of these originals in its package? While TF2 is still a class based game, and several of the classes from TFC carry over in various forms, it's gameplay is very different from TFC. TFC maps simply don't work well with TF2 gameplay, and we've got no intention of releasing TF2 versions of TFC maps. Beyond that, all of our TF2 maps use realistic settings. Very few existing TFC maps have the right atmosphere to work well in TF2. Remember, TFC won't be going away just because TF2 comes out. If people still hunger for the old maps, they'll still be able to play them just as they always have.Ook staat er een artikel over de MRM technologie van TF2.