Yeah! Voor alle Quake1 fans (en Quake 3 fans ook natuurlijk ) is Team Evolve bezig met Painkeep Q3: "PainKeep is straight DeathMatch on Steroids," proclaims Waring. "The weapons and gameplay are what attract players to PainKeep Arena. The weapons include The Harpoon Gun, the Gravity Well, the Auto Sentry, The infamous Can of Beans is back, all the classic weapons are back in glorious Q3 style. The game also includes variations on more tradition weapons, like the nailgun and shotgun, yet what makes Pain Keep special is the innovation." He continues, "we are also coding a client that works in conjunction with our master website to track all players, so we will have a global ranking system, much like what NetGamesUSA did with Unreal Tournament." PainKeep Arena is a straight Deathmatch mod that promises to give the Quake community what they want and much more. "I like to say that we're once again showing id how Deathmatch should be done," Waring confidently says. Now if that statement sounds bold, Mr. Waring's credentials definitely seem to be able to back up his words. Dit was vroeger de populairste Total Conversion voor Q1, dus dat belooft nogal wat.