Id software gaat voor het eerst een mission pack maken voor een van hun games sinds de Master levels voor Doom.

The new mission pack will include new gameplay modes, maps, weapons, and power-ups. One of the new games is Obelisk, in which two teams defend their respective obelisk while attempting to destroy the other's. The kicker is that the obelisk regenerates hit points, so it is a challenge to maintain offensive pressure against the enemy. Another game, Harvester, has teams compete for artifacts in the center of the map when a player dies. A team must collect an artifact and deliver it to the opposing team's base to score. The new weapons will include the infamous nail gun, a new proximity mine, and the chain gun. The new power-ups will come in a team variety, which will allow one player to instantly boost his or her team. They include Scout, which increases speed, and Doubler, which increases damage. If the player who picks up the team power-up is killed, then the effect will wear off for the entire team. The chaingun is back.