De FPS fans onder ons komen de laatste tijd goed aan hun trekken, maar het feest is nog niet over. 3dActionplanet heeft een "roundup" van komende FPS games in 2000. Zeg maar een soort menu kaart .

Als voorgerecht Starsiege Tribes 2

Als hoofdmenu Return to Castle Wolfenstein

en als toetje Serious sam

Bon Apetit

Almost no one would deny that the defining action games almost always been first-person shooters. Since the days of DOOM, the FPS sub-genre has steadily remained one of the most popular types of action games. Developers are continually trying to find new ways to

innovate the FPS, and yet keep the same style of gameplay that has attracted players time and again.

So it's no surprise that there's a plethora (yep, you heard me) of first-person shooters coming out this year, all promising to be the next best seller. We've put together a little information about some of the lesser known titles as well as those you might have seen

already to give you an overview of what you can expect to see this year.

Clive Barker's Undying

Most FPS' follow a traditional route of pumping players'

adrenaline levels to insane heights. With a name like

"Clive Barker's Undying", you'd think that this game was

taking a slower-paced, scarier tack. Fortunately for FPS

fans as well as those of the horror genre, the game

looks to be as scary as you'd hope as well as

fast-paced with lots of action.


Not much has been heard about this upcoming FPS from

4D Rulers. Like Serious Sam, the developers have been

quiet about it and the industry hasn't seen the usual

splash of press releases that accompany upcoming

games. Unlike Serious Sam, however, doubts have

been cast about whether the game can really compete

in the FPS market.

Starsiege: Tribes 2

Dynamix is building on the incredible success of Starsiege: Tribes with the upcoming release of Starsiege: Tribes 2. If you haven't checked out Starsiege: TRIBES, then you're missing one of the most innovative games to hit the genre. Like its predecessor, Tribes 2 will offer unique squad- and

mission-based action set within a complex story line pitting five warring factions against each other.

Serious Sam

By now, everyone knows the story - small, unknown

Croatian development team surprises the entire industry

by releasing a technology demo that rivals some of the

big boys'. Seemingly from nowhere, Croteam's first-person shooter Serious Sam garnered immense popularity from developers as well as the game-playing public. It promised gameplay reminiscent of DOOM, and what's more, it delivered in the technology demo. The game's story centers around an alien race and ancient Egypt; the Croteam website has a very in-depth mini-novelization of the Serious Sam plot.

'm Going In

Known as "Project IGI" outside of the States, I'm going in will offer something outside the usual FPS experience. Taking a cue from great "sneaker" games like Metal Gear Solid and the Thief series, I'm Going In presents the player with lots of challenges and obstacles that can only be solved through guile and good old fashioned skulking.

Red Faction

Red Faction is a FPS from Volition set in the far future

where a group of miners on Mars have begun to rebel

against the corporation that rules their lives. You play

the role of a rebel miner yourself, battling against your oppressors. This involves, as you might expect,

blowing stuff up with really big guns. And tanks. And

running over things with tanks. It's good clean fun

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Return to Castle Wolfenstein is probably one of the most highly anticipated titles in this list.This FPS has you playing the role of American superspy B.J. Blazkowicz as he tries to stop the nefarious Himmler from using a blend of black occult magic and unrestrained scientific experiments to create an army of Nazi supersoldiersGarcon, ik wil deze maaltijd afrekenen

Garcon means boy