Gunman, een total conversion voor Half-Life, wordt commercieel. Het is lange tijd de bedoeling geweest dat je deze TC kon downloaden op de website van de makers. De reden is dat ze steeds meer hulp gingen krijgen van Valve, de makers van Half-Life.In development by Rewolf Inc., with support from Valve, Gunman was originally planned to be released as a free downloadable add-on that would require players to already have Half-Life installed on their computer. However, with the continuing support of the Half-Life mod community and Valve Software, Gunman will now be released as a "full stand alone product" that will be sold at retailers. According to our source, Gunman will be completed and available before the holidays. Check out the official Gunman website to find out more about this incredibly ambitious total conversion, and watch this space for additional details. Gunman wordt gemaakt door Rewolf Inc., Half-Life is zoals bekend gemaakt door Valve Software