Op gamespy is in het kader van de verbouwing bij planet unreal een interview te lezen met Tim Sweeney, mede oprichter van Epic Games over o.a. de unreal engine. Alvast een voorproefje :Modifiability: Though Unreal 1 was arguably the most "open" game of its time (since we shipped the editor and around 50,000 lines of scripts -- basically all the game code -- with the product), it was still pretty hard to create and use mods, because of the overall complexity of the system, and forcing users to unzip files to subdirectories. With UT, the guys invented a new type of mod called a "mutator", which lets you create new game variations with very minimal programming. On top of that, we expose the complete user-interface and HUD framework to mods so they can be quite elaborate graphically; and mods are now managed by a "mod installer" which takes care of all the installation details, so users are only a few mouse clicks away from downloading and using a mod.